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Biography of Rudolfo Agemosycko Melchyzedekiel Aquilantiore de Guglielmi - Terracina

Rudolfo is on a personal campaign to educate the public about their rights as taxpayers. He is passionate about this mission in life, and is trying to help as many people as possible by helping them restructure their finances, and educate them on what to do in the future to avoid paying more taxes than necessary.

As is shown in his biography, he has gone through many trials along the way in order to follow this mission in life.

February 28, 1956
Born in Sulmona, Aquila, Abruzzi, Italy.

February 28, 1959
Boards a ship in Naples, Italy for a 10 day journey to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

December 1963
Hospitalized and bed-ridden for six months due to Rheumatoid arthritis.

At the age of 11 he starts filing personal tax returns for other people.

At the age of 13 he starts filing his own personal tax returns.

At the age of 16 he begins writing petitions against the aggressive tax increases and applications made by the Liberal government that were in power at that time. The main focus of his petitions were the introduction of the new Capital Gains Tax, and how it does not consider inflation.

January 1974
Brakes his left upper arm (humerus) in an exhibition wrestling match, resulting in his arm being in a cast for four months.

June 1974
Brakes his left legs tibia and shinbone (shankbone) in a baseball game, resulting in his left leg being in a cast for four months.

May 1975
Graduated Grade 12 from G. A. Wheable with a 4.0 GPA, receiving a Level 5 Honours Accounting Certificate, and was granted acceptance into the highly restricted Advanced Applied Sub-Atomic Physics Program at the University of Waterloo. Additional awards received include:

1975 - 1978
Attends University of Western Ontario studying Applied Nuclear Physics & Electro-Magnetism, and Natural Sciences.

At the age of 21 he receives a $14,000 tax refund cheque, obtained using the 7-year General Averaging Rule, as stated in the Income Tax Act of 1918. This refund was personally hand-delivered by directors of Revenue Canada. They also offered Rudolfo a major position within Revenue Canada or the Ministry of Finance. The position required Rudolfo to stop filing income tax returns for other people. Rudolfo turned down the position.

July - September 1977
Takes a cross-country trip to the USA. Goes to California and the Bay area to study the US Banking System. Then to Philadephia to study the US Political System and processes.

July - August 1978
Returns to Italy for the first time since 1959.

The Liberal government moved to strike out the use of the 7-year General Averaging Rule, which was passed by the House of Commons and the Senate.

As an Independent Candidate, Rudolfo publicly debates and campaigns against the Liberals trying to alter the Income Tax Act without legal consent and taxpayer authority. Key Liberal Party members offered Rudolfo a seat or position in Parliament to cease his personal campaign of tax awareness.

May 1979
As an Independent Candidate, Rudolfo runs in the 1979 Federal Election, using his own funds to inform and educate the public. Although he received only 40 votes, he still continued on his mission to inform and educate the public about taxation awareness.

May 22, 1979
The Canadian Federal Election was held, electing members to Canadian House of Commons for the 31st Parliament of Canada. The Liberal party was defeated after 11 years in power under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Joe Clark led the Progressive Conservative Party to power, but with only a minority of seats in the House of Commons. The Trudeau Liberals had become very unpopular during their last term in government because of large budget deficits, high inflation, and high unemployment. Although elections in Canada are normally held four years apart, Trudeau delayed calling an election to the maximum of five years, hoping that the Liberal Party would be able to recover some of the support that it had lost.

June 1979
Returns to Italy to reflect on life. While in Italy, on June 15, 1979, he survives a severe motor vehicle accident, but with spinal damage and a brain injury to deal with. The extending damages were having vertabrae 3-7 fused and losing much of his long-term memory. Rudolfo sufferes from severe brain seizures for 7 months after the accident.

August 30, 1979
Is coerced into marrying while still suffering from the car accident injuries (spinal and brain injuries).

September 1979
Returns to London, Ontario, and seeks the help and advice of a dozen brain specialists. All of these brain specialists tell him that he should not be alive and walking, and that by all medical explanations, he should be dead. They cannot find any medical reason why he is still alive, and they continually tell him to “Go home and die.” Rudolfo decides to go home and meditate instead, and spends most of the next 3-5 years lyng on the floor, as he has limited abilities, and is unable to walk or stand easily.

1980 - 1981
Attends Fanshawe College, completing the three year Accounting Diploma while still suffering from a brain injury and spinal damage. He still has extensive long term memory loss and his spine is locked and fused. Rudolfo writes the entrance exam for accounting, and is exempted from taking all first year courses and some second year courses.

August 1981
Receives his three Accounting Diploma (Honours), graduating at the top of his class. The three year course is completed in less than 20 months.

December 1981
Begans working for FBC (Farm Business Consultants), Canada's largest tax preparation service for farmers and agri-businesses. Rudolfo specializes in the reviewing of corporate business and farm tax returns from all provinces across Canada.

February 1982
Acceptes an offer from Shoppers Drug Mart to direct the restructuring of their accounting and reporting systems.

June - August 1985
Returnes to Italy to relax and work on healing.

July - August 1987
Travels to the New York City to study their business and economical systems.

November 1987
Invests in and opens Oggi Hair Salon, placing his wife as manager.

1979 - 1988
Struggles to survive a very bad marriage, while still trying to heal his physical injuries.

August 1988
Ex-wife kidnaps his six year old daughter and tries to hold her for ransom. After applying to the Family Court, Rudolfo obtains custody.

September 1, 1988
Divorce papers are finally filed by ex-wife, after she had over 15 affairs during the course of their 9 year marriage. In the court documents, she "lays claim" to everything including the Hair Salon, the family home, all assets, all investments, all cash, and requests an alimony settlement of $4,000/month, and child support of $3,000/month.

January 1989
divorce settlement is finally reached, with Rudolfo having to borrow over $300,000 to settle the outstanding settlement agreement. Rudolfo grants custody of their seven year old daughter to his former spouse and child support of $2,200/month, fully indexed. Rudolfo also agreed to pay his ex-wife $150,000 and assume all of the marital debts, causing him to borrow over $300,000 to settle the outstanding settlement agreement.

January 1989
Rudolfo suddenly begins to recover from the injuries incurred in the car accident 10 years earlier, regaining the use of his physical and mental abilities. The road to recovery is accelerated, with his long term memory becoming "reconnected" and he begins to see colour for the first time in over 10 years.

August 1989 - October 1994
Rudolfo begins intense research of American Politics. He travels to Washington, D.C. several times, Charlottesville, Virginia, New York City, and Philadelphia in his research, taking a special interest in the life and times of Thomas Jefferson. He continues working for Shoppers Drug Mart until January 1993, and still continued his personal research even after starting his own business.

January 1993
Retires from Shoppers Drug Mart to start his own taxation preparation and awareness service.

Revenue Canada officials again offer Rudolfo a position within Revenue Canada, on the condition that he agrees to cease the public preparation of tax returns.

Revenue Canada begins audit against Rudolfo which continues for almost a year, resulting in their issuing him a two stage refund of over $100,000.

1995 - 1996
Rudolfo defends himself in Family Court against a proposed increase of Child support to $5,000/month, for one 14 year old child, retroactive to divorce date of January 1989.

January 1996
Forced to sell his house for the outstanding mortgage amount, due to Family Court issuing a false retroactive child support assessment of $200,000.

May 1996
Rudolfo serves three months in jail for inability to pay child support arrears of over $250,000.

1996 - 1999
Rudolfo defended himself against the false "Master Minding" charges, as contrived by Revenue Canada officials and his ex-wife, as outlined below:

October 2002
Family Court rescinded of $500,000 in child support arrears.

2003 - Present
Rudolfo has embarked on a personal campaign to educate the public about the advantages of a corporation, educating seminar attendees about their tax rights at his own expense, while also taking many cases to Tax Court.

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