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Mission, The Mind To Hear, The Words Of The Heart

In the course of human progression, as people gain knowledge and wisdom, expand their scope of reason and conduct, it becomes necessary to examine and redefine the ideas and principles, by which they govern their course of actions, and the way in which they live. We believe that all people were created different, yet they are equal, have the right to existence, freedom of movement, expansion of knowledge, fair and equal treatment in all their affairs and dealings, and pursuit of fulfillment to their lives, unless they are using any form of tyranny, as a means to an end. That they have the capacity for development, wisdom, and the ability to oppose tyranny in any form, whether is would be from other people, tyrants elected or self appointed, or from organized administrative bodies or entities. Rules or Laws that are drafted and passed, without thought to common sense or equal fairness, to all involved, cannot be valid, in the eyes of the People, or the Creator of this planet and universe.

Humanology and Theology have been forgotten in a dream of a different age, they should be remembered and put into use. The Truth and Reality should be first in the minds of those seeking understanding and wisdom of the World around them. FOR IT WAS WRITTEN: That in the beginning the Creator, who is known by many names, was with mind and reason, thus men and women were created in that Image. Knowledge of Good and Evil, was then introduced into the World. Good meaning caring or Heart, positive forces of building and sharing. Evil meaning selfishness or ego, negative forces of destruction and control. If one learned to balance these forces, then their Name would be written into the Book of life, then they would be given the Knowledge and Wisdom to gain Eternal Life.

As civilization evolved, people lost sight of this goal. The motivation became that of greed and power. In order to re-direct the people, the Creator introduced a set of principles and rules to live by, in the form of the Ten Commandments. But people adhered to the letter of the Law, and not the Heart or intent of it. Though the rules were written in stone, they were meant to be a living form of principles. Then in order to enlighten the Eyes of the Heart, compassion and sympathy were asked to be applied, when using the rules or laws to Judge occurrences or situations between people. Thus the concept of treating others as you would want them to treat you, was put forth.

The principles set out by the Creator have not been adhered to. People have acted singularly and therefore, are headed towards their own self-fulfillment. Do people really feel that the Creator will rest, without, the mission being accomplished. With the course we are now taking, we are headed toward the point of No Return. For our Future generations may want to live in a world free from Encumbering Legal and Environmental difficulties. The Technology we are using far exceeds our Wisdom and Capacity to use it efficiently. We are ignoring caution and rapidly heading towards a solution without first examining the consequences of our actions. In order for us to Survive, we must all act with one mind that has one direction, purpose and values. The course of our existence is in our hands. If we are to find Heaven on Earth, we must cease our fighting and bickering with one another over issues and items that the Creator would find trivial. Instead we must try to understand the nature of one another, and build a stranger community. Many do want to establish a peaceful World Order, where Justice dictates action. Where social or monetary status has no existence or relevance. Where the judicial system will not tolerate In-humanitarian acts on any level. Together we must rediscover a kinder and gentler Global Society. A world where we can work and share fairly with one another. We must bring to fruition that which the Creator intended. SO LET IT BE DONE.

"We must Learn to Live together as One People or Perish as Individuals."


Vision 1997, A Crusade For A Better Existence

From the dawn of existence, people have looked to find, or waited for, a Crusader to their cause, to oppose self appointed tyrants or dictators, or sometimes elected officials, who may have forgotten the reason their Post was established. These Crusaders have given of their time, money, energy and their Life, to the purpose of furthering the cause, or trying to alter the existing system at hand. During their life time, they put much energy into advancing knowledge about the cause, and solutions to correct the situations. Many of these Crusaders were rulers or leaders who tried to steer people in the right direction of personal growth and understanding of their surroundings, and also their own abilities. They asked people to break their Chains of Ignorance, and develop themselves. To Learn to observe the Takers and Users of this World.

During the lifetime of many of these Crusaders, they were misunderstood and taken as different or strange. It was usually only after their death that people acknowledged and admired their abilities and strength of drive. People would then set up Shrines, Memorials, or Foundations in the name of the Crusader, and profit from the work that was done by them. Little money, if any, from the profit went or goes to what the Crusader had believed in, or spent their life in pursuit of. Many People, whether they feel that they cannot follow in their footsteps, or they admire the works of these Crusaders, donate or give money to the Foundations of these crusaders or causes. All that these Crusaders wanted was that people would try to be just a little bit more independent and be more self-respectable, and treat others more fairly and equally. They thought that if they set the example, people might follow and adhere to their principles. The majority of people have chosen to remain uninvolved and unchanged. They have acted with little or no regard to their surroundings, or the Global community at hand. THESE PEOPLE MUST EXPECT TO BE DONE UNTO THEM, WHAT THEY HAVE DONE UNTO OTHERS.

People have a habit of waiting for a crisis to occur, and then when panic hits, search for someone to handle the situation. How many more Dead Crusaders of the cause do we need before people alter their way of thinking. How can one person HOPE to save the world, or be expected to. All people must try, if only in just a small way. By changing the ways or thinking of their families and friends. By trying to open-up the minds of those around them. If everyone picked the phone or wrote a letter of protest, things would change. Each person has the power and creativity to make a difference, and effectively cause a potential change in the world. Every person who can vote, speak, write or think, can begin or continue the momentum towards a better and fairer system of organization or administration. The Crusaders can lead the world to change, but everyone must join in the cause, in order to make it permanent. people must demand accountability from any organized administrative body or entity, if they are to function properly and with justice. Everyone must take responsibility for their own actions.

An Individual's scope of reason and understanding can only be as vast as their knowledge and experience has taught them. Many people have ability and talent that are never used to their fullest potential. Let every person participate in their right to choose, together with many others, the course of destiny of all people, and the planet. The world is like a big ocean; if enough ripples start to occur, soon a tidal wave will sweep across the ocean, for all the world to see. If the wave is strong enough, it will affect all persons that are in it's path. All people are interconnected, because someone knows someone, who knows someone else. Ideas have always helped shape and redefine our concepts, goals and potentials as Human Beings. Let all those who wish to follow the Heart and Spirit of the Creator, become United as One.

"The Wave of an Enlighten Human Spirit must be awaken into realization."

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