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Detax Protesting

Generally this is protesting that in fact you don’t have to respond to or be liable for your tax bill. Doing this without a legal backing is, in fact, illegal. At the same time people that engage in Detax Protesting want all the benefits that the tax system provides. Some examples of these benefits are Police Department, Fire Department, OSAP, OHIP, EI, WSIB, public transit, Canada Pension, etc.

The simplest example of this is writing onto your tax return, “I don’t have to pay taxes”, and sending in a blank tax return.

Another example is the “blood seal”, using your blood to apply your thumb print to your tax return and stating that they are a natural person and don’t have to comply to the tax laws, then sending in a blank return.

There are two types of Detaxer:

The first type is the sovereign citizen detaxer who tries to avoid paying tax by rejecting statutory laws and trying to implement Anglo-Saxon common law and asserts descendant from the ‘Magna Carta” (common law rights to not pay taxes).

The second type is one who will use any means at their disposal to avoid paying tax.

A self-appointed knight by the name of Sir Daniel Kingsley Lear (original name was Ralph Merle Swimm before he became a detaxer), was tried in a Winnipeg court for failure to file tax since 1978 and owed the CRA 2.4 million dollars. Sir Daniel’s defence involved telling the judge that the federal and provincial governments had no jurisdiction over him or his money. He was also quoted in stating that the judge had no jurisdiction in his own courtroom. Sir Daniel’s proof involved citing the British North America Act, the Doctrine of Philadelphia, and the King James Bible. Part of Sir Daniel’s defence even included him stating, "I am not a legal person" (part of the detaxer creed). The judges reply to all of this was, "I'm not about to hear a bunch of nonsense. I do not want to hear about the BNA Act. You can cite the Philadelphia doctrine if you like, but it's not going to do you much good. We are not in Philadelphia." In August of 2001 the judge sentenced Sir Daniel to five years and eight months in jail.

Part of the detaxer doctrine states that wearing a postage stamp with your signature on it makes you equivalent to the Queen of England, thus, exempting you from paying taxes.

When Paul and Myrna Schuck were tried in court for failing to submit their business records to the CRA, they wrote their names on postage stamps and stuck them on their cloths during the trial. This didn’t help them at all and they were sentenced to 30 days in jail.

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