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Global learning Gifting Initiative (GLGI)

With GLGI, the typical donation amount is usually around $10,000 cash, GLGI in turn instructs the donor to write the check to a charity of their choice which usually consisted only of charity A and charity B. The charity would then give GLGI a kickback of $9500 for its promotion services. $200 is given to an escrow agent to facilitate the series of transactions involved. The remaining $300 is sent to an offshore company, to be used to purchase educational material such as software. This software is shipped to an independent appraisal corporation which values the software based on its apparent benefit to society. The taxpayer is then invited to become a capital beneficiary of the charity which they gave the cash donation to. This entitles them to receive a free gift of software from the charity. The participant is then invited to either keep the gift or donate it to a charity “of their choice” which consists of charity A or B only. The taxpayer “elects” to donate the software to charity B, and is issued a second donation receipt for $50,000-$70,000 which is the amount that the appraiser claims is the value of the software. Obviously this second receipt is denied, since it is a fraudulent claim plain and simple. The initial cash donation receipt is also denied because of a lack of “Animus Donandi” or charitable intent.

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