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Personal Agency Contract

These people claim to be exempt from taxation, by entering into an agency contract with themselves. They claim that their birth certificate and SIN number (called the working or artificial person) is acting as an agent for the human being (called the natural person) and going to work for them on their behalf. The artificial person then pays an imaginary, arbitrary, sum of money to the natural person, as a payment, as basically a management fee. Since the artificial person (SIN Number) has no brain or body it essentially rents these biological processes off of the human being. The problem is that the body is now actively participating in commerce, and is therefore required to self-assess itself, thus making itself guilty of tax evasion. The artificial person is claiming a deduction, and the natural person is failing to claim it as income. Therefore the artificial person is implicating the natural person in a criminal act. Since the natural person and artificial person are in reality one entity, the result of the attempt of this scam is the taxpayer implicates themselves criminally. Then what happens is the CRA sends them a questionnaire to prove or verify that true commercial activities have taken place. When the artificial person responds that “I don’t have to respond”, CRA views this response as confirmation of the criminal activity that the artificial person has engaged themselves into, because the artificial person cannot get verification from the natural person, since they are the same person. This is now been confirmed that the contract is not with an outside third party but with themselves, constituting criminal fraud. So they now get charged with tax equal to the amount of refund they are trying to obtain as well as criminal fraud for a minimum of two years jail time.

In 2008 Wesley Snipes got caught doing this natural person personal agency contract, went to court trying to defend it and received a 12 million dollar fine which he paid, was originally charged with 16 years jail time but plea bargained, and received a three year jail sentence and is still under investigation for other tax criminal offences (the court charges only encompassed 1998-2004 income activities). His promoter that promoted the scheme got 10 years in jail and his accountant got five years in jail. He paid legal and court costs in addition to fines that would amount to more than double what his original tax bill was. And he could have went to a tax expert and reduced his taxes legally. IRS says he made an estimated 36 million dollars in the time investigated. If his taxes were filed personally his tax bill would have been 12 million (33%) and if he filled corporately with expenses he could have reduced it to as low as about 3.6 million (10%).

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